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A Research Index To The Douglas Register

​A Research Index to The Douglas Register. The only index ever created of all the names as they appear in The Douglas Register. Created and published in 2005 by the Society. Beginning in 1750, the Reverend William Douglas served as a minister of the Church of England in St. James Northam Parrish, Goochland County, Virginia, for twenty-seven years. In 1756, Reverend Douglas began keeping a register book in which he recorded marriages, baptisms, and burials her performed. After his retirement, he continued to record marriages and births until about the time of his death in 1798. Reverend Douglas included many marriages performed by him prior to 1756 and some births as early as 1805. These births were provided by parishioners who wished to have all their children’s names recorded. The original edition of The Douglas Register was first transcribed in 1928 by William MacFarland Jones. Although there have been several later editions of Mr Jones’ original transcription, an index to the complete work has never before been created. Researchers had to search each section of the Register, i.e., marriages by groom, marriages by bride, baptisms and wills in order to locate possible ancestors. A Research Index to The Douglas Register provides a method by which names can be quickly identified. Researchers can use any of the editions of The Douglas Register currently in print as the page numbers are the same in each edition. Paper back, 72 pages, 8.5” x 11”

$15 softcover book (sale price)