Volunteers are key to the success of the Goochland County Historical Society by supporting the organization’s key functions of preserving, presenting and interpreting our local history. You can select from a wide range of activities, such as

* greeting visitors and providing information about the county

* helping to plan and execute programs and events

* researching genealogies and responding to customer requests for information

* transcribing handwritten documents

* assisting with the preparation and execution of exhibits

* assisting with cataloging items in our collections

* researching and writing articles for the Society’s newsletter and/or annual magazine

We seek volunteers with a wide range of skills to carry out these activities and we try
to match your interests and time commitment to our needs. You may select from a
regular schedule, for example, one day per month, to a couple of days per year to
help with special occasions. While some work has to be performed on site, other
activities, such as transcribing documents, writing articles or baking brownies
for an event, can be carried out from your home.

We provide a basic orientation for potential volunteers, as well as ongoing guidance
and skill development for those who chose to volunteer. Check our Facebook
page, website or newsletter for dates of orientation sessions or contact us at
804-556-3966 or goochlandhistory@comcast.net. Our volunteer coordinator will respond to discuss your interests and the opportunities available.

Volunteering is fun, give it a try. Come join us!